Ruh-Arok Temple is one of the main levels of the game.

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The level houses the God of Creation (or it's card form at least) whilst also housing the Elemental Doors which are needed to access the Sacred Beasts.

Story Edit

Katia visits Ruh-Arok Temple to discover the cause behind the Black Fog plaguing Argwyll. As with many locations in the game, she finds it infested with monsters entirely of the Neutral element.

When she reaches the final and deepest part of the temple, Katia is attacked by the fearsome Black Dragon. Upon the monster's defeat, she meets the God of Creation, who warns her that it's brother the God of Destruction awoke first.

After this, Princess Katia must travel to Broch Black to confront the Enchanter and put an end to the Black Fog.

Black Dragon and God of Creation00:00

Black Dragon and God of Creation

Monsters Edit

Normal Battles

Boss Battle

Bonus Cards

See also:

  • Terjon Temple (aka: Land of Water)
  • Hupon-Jen (aka: Land of Wood)
  • Land of Fire
  • Land of Earth

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